About the SKUTE movement

Q: Why and what is SKUTE?

A: We’re building an electric motorbike movement in a playful and fun way. Taking steps to do something good for the planet. Building a cleaner, quieter Bali.

Q: What is the mission of SKUTE?

A: Our mission is to accelerate the transition from fuel based motorbikes to electric motorbikes in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

We feel urged to take steps to do something good for the planet and to building a cleaner, quieter Bali.

Q: Who is behind SKUTE?

A: SKUTE is a movement sparked out of the Green School community

Q: What kind of company is SKUTE?

A: SKUTE is not a company but a movement. It simulates a purpose-driven social enterprise and it is operationally run by a local scooter rental entrepreneur

What is a SKUTE motorcycle?

Q: What is the manufacturer and type of the SKUTE

A: The manufacturer is VIAR. It is a large Taiwanese conglomerate with a production factory in Java. The type of the SKUTE vehicle is VIAR Q1, the first 100% electric scooter on the road in Indonesia 

Q: Are there any other types of e-scooters for rent?

A: The VIAR Q1 is the first and only electric scooter on the road in Indonesia at this moment. SKUTE is working on and expecting to introduce other types of e-scooters 

Q: Will SKUTE introduce more and other types of e-scooters in the future?

A: SKUTE is working on and expecting to introduce other types of e-scooters

Q: Who do I contact when I have a question about the SKUTE movement?

A: Please visit the for more information and contact details

About SKUTE rental service

Q: How can I rent a SKUTE

A: Please visit our website and/or send an email to to show your interest to rent a SKUTE. We will follow up with you soon

Q: Why is a SKUTE more expensive than a regular petrol Scooter?

A: The purchase price of an electric scooter is generally higher than the price of a regular petrol scooter (e.g. Honda Vario or Scoopy). It’s based on new technology that is still in development. SKUTE strives to offer a cost-competitive rental service. The battery charging is approx. 6 times cheaper per kilometer than petrol and there is hardly any maintenance on a SKUTE. So on an annual basis, the all-in driving cost of a SKUTE approximates that of a regular petrol scooter

Q: How long do I need to wait until I get my bike? 

A: It depends on our own available stock of unrented SKUTES and the lead time with the VIAR dealer and factory if we need to order a new one for you. An estimate in the latter case could be 2 to 4 weeks lead time

Q: Do I need insurance?

A: Skute is not a rental company, it is a movement. The commercial rental operation is run by Wiwin Rental PT. Skute nor Wiwin Rental PT do provide any insurance to its customers. SKUTE nor Wiwin Rental PT are in any way responsible nor can be held responsible or liable for theft, damage and (personal) accidents

About SKUTE battery & other technicalities

Q: How far can I drive before I need to recharge?

A: A fully charged battery goes between 40km and 50km depending on load, speed of driving and road types

Q: How and where can I charge the battery?

A: It’s plug & play. The charging console is on 220 Volt and is portable under the SKUTE seat. So the battery can easily be charged at any place where 220 volt plug is available

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery? 

A: The charging of a full battery takes five to seven hours. Please refer to the SKUTE technical manual on the website for more information

Q: Do I need to charge all the way? 

A: The battery can be recharged to any level depending on the available charging time

Q: What kind of battery do SKUTE have?

A: It is a maintenance free lithium-ion battery (60v20AH with a max. Capacity of 2 Kwh

Q: What is the expected battery life?

A: The estimated battery life is 600 to 800 charging cycles. Depending on the frequency of charging the estimated battery life would be 2 to 3 years 

About SKUTE repair, maintenance & damage

Q: What do I need to do when my SKUTE need maintenance, needs a repair or is damaged?

A: Please contact Wiwim Rental PT. The contact details are on

Q: When my bike doesn’t work how long will it take before I’m back on the road again?

A: There is limited experience with repair and maintenance as e-scooter technology is new and only recently available in Indonesia. The SKUTE movement is backed by the VIAR flagship dealership in Bali and offer a standby support of SKUTES on the road in Bali


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